Haven’t you always want to feel like race royalty?

Well, the Duke Triathlon is the race for you.

Perfect Triathlon For The Novice

The Duke Triathlon is the perfect triathlon for the novice, a fast fun and filthy finisher to your season if you are a grizzled triathlete already, and present the perfect chance to combine a family holiday with a “surprise!” opportunity race.

Tigh Mor Castle

If you’ve not heard of Tigh Mor then have a wee google before you get out your credit card – you are going to be hard pushed to find a more beautiful and scenic backdrop to a triathlon anywhere in the world.

Think how amazing your finishing photo will look!

Free Kids Race


1.2 km run after the main event (around 1 pm)

Subscribe to the Duke and register your kid for his/her first run race!

Let's make this event as friendly as possible and create a great day out on the 16th September with friends & family.

We designed the Duke to be a beautiful, accessible race where “normal” rather than “hardcore” athletes can find pleasure!

It’s not an easy course by any means, but we wanted to provide a season closer where people enjoyed themselves with their families and friends, in a spectacular setting.

We offer CORPORATE packages – create bonds between your colleagues by providing the chance to train for and take part in an amazing day’s racing! We have structured plans and expert coaches available to safety support a triathlon beginner to race readiness for the Duke. Or enter a team as part of a relay and each takes a leg before crossing the finish line together!

The NOVICE entering their first race will find a challenging but completable course. Seasonally, Scottish waters are best in September, and the short swim, staying close to shore, stops it from being intimidating. The bike is tough but doesn’t have technically demanding terrain, and the distance means you’ll be back at T2 with your supporters before you know it. And with the location of the finish line, you’ll have memories to treasure forever of your first race (before you sign up for 2019)

For the EXPERIENCED racer, it’s the chance to enjoy one last outing before popping the turbo trainer in front of the monitor. The route allows for a spot of muddy high jinx (no drudgery on the aerobars here!) and the chance to nail a race within a few hours and enjoy a beer as the sun sets on your racing season.

For your SUPPORTERS AND FAMILIES, you’ll be visible throughout the race, with a spectator-friendly swim (within reason – be honest, we all look the same once we are in our wetsuits anyway) but each leg will be completed and back in time to make this a family-friendly day out for everyone.

The RACE The swim will be a fast a furious affair. By keeping the course close to shore and tight, the kids and all your friends can watch you race! Then it’s up that velveteen grass onto the mountain bike (or other suitable off roader) for a short buzz along the road before entering the forests and the trails. The ride is suitable for novices, although there are a few climbs that will blow away any end of summer cobwebs! The view from Duke’s Pass and the sporty descent never fails to inspire, and then it’s down to T2 and the run.

Scottish Food and Drinks Festival with local breweries and local producers. This event is all about showcasing Scotland: landscape, people, food & drinks.

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Elanor Regan

Elanor Regan

I so hope to do this triathlon next year. It was my first one ever and I LOVED it. What made it so special was how warm & welcoming everyone was. I felt so out of depth but because of the encouragement of everyone I felt confident to go for it. The bike route was magnificent & I will be in training for next year. Thank you THANK YOU so much for all your hard work. As a mother of two young boys this was such a personal physical achievement that I will always remember & cherish.

Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline Brown

You were very welcoming, you kept us well informed on the lead up to the event and I thought event itself was very well organised. Great location too! Cheers!

Fiona Lane

Fiona Lane

Loved doing the triathlon. A great first experience for me! The team did a great job of welcoming new people.

Michael Murray

Michael Murray

Great out and back swim near shore for family and friends spectating. Brilliant bike route with lovely views, a nice 2 small laps on grass for the run with a nice run into the finish with the piper piping.

Eve Dallas

Eve Dallas

Thank you all for a great event yesterday! Lovely friendly feel to it and really special to be piped into the water and over the finish line. Looking forward to next year!

Emma Simpson

Emma Simpson

Absolutely fantastic event! My favourite this year! Thanks for all ur hard work and dedication! I’m still buzzing!!!!


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