Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan

It is true that you can complete a novice or even sprint distance on almost no training if you are fit and healthy.
But have the same approach with the Olympic Distance, and you will get wiped out! Olympic distance triathlon is not a joke, you need to be strong to swim 1500m, follow by 40km on the bike and 10km run to finish with.

You need a training plan.

Your schedule doesn’t have to be very detailed (it will come later when you have a couple of races under your belt) but it helps to know what you should do each day.

Try to keep it simple. Every week, include two swims, two rides, and two runs plus a strength & mobility routine.


Your Weekly Training Structure

Start out at the lower end of the suggested training volume and build by no more than 10 per cent weekly. Listen to your body and if you are tired, decrease the volume. 



Rest day! 



Swim (easy effort, start with 20 min and gradually build up to 40min) / Strength Session 



Ride (easy to moderate effort – start with 30min, build up to 60 min) 



Run  (tempo or hill workout)



Swim (easy effort, start with 20 min and gradually build to 40min)



Long Ride (easy effort – from 50 to 90min) / Brick (add every second week, don’t run more than 20min)



Long Run  (easy effort – from 50 to 90min)



  • 4-6 weeks before the event do a practice race. Take around 70% of each distance and complete them all on the same day, allowing a couple of hours for rest and fulling between activities.
  • To gain the experience and to measure the progress, it will not harm you to take part in a couple of sprint triathlons.
  • Deload every 4th week, so your body can absorb the training.
  • Become friend with the foam roller or find a good massager.
  • Don’t skip strength training! You can get some ideas and motivation here: Strength Training For Triathlon
  • Clean up your diet, focus on natural, unprocessed products
  • Involve a friend! Training buddy will make the process more enjoyable
  • Allow between 12-16 weeks for the training.
  • Before starting the training, have a look at the safety checklist below. If you answer Y for any of the questions, consult with the GP before commencing the training.


Health-status safety checklist:

  1. Are you aged over 30 and/or have not exercised for some time?  Y/N
  2. Do you suffer from any medical conditions?  Y/N
  3. Are you a smoker or have recently given up smoking?  Y/N
  4. Have you undergone any surgery in the past two years?  Y/N
  5. Are you suffering from any injuries?  Y/N
  6. Are you currently on any prescribed medication?  Y/N
  7. Are you unsure about beginning an exercise programme?  Y/N

Once you have the all-clear from your doctor, then you’re ready to start training.


Have a great race and let us know about your progress!

Comment below if you have any questions.




This program is created by Lez Stelmachowski: AG Triathlete. Ironman Coach, Co-Owner of Fitness Soul and personal trainer based in Edinburgh. Lez’s passion is to help you become better & fitter! He offers Personalised Triathlon Coaching in Edinburgh.



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