Active Root

Breaking news!!! Active Root will be available at our feeding station! Learn more about Active Root here: https://activeroot.co.uk/ginger-sports-drink Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Active Root is a sports drink company committed to delivering innovative natural sports drinks to athletes of all levels. They use natural root ginger to help keep athlete’s stomachs Read more…

Athlete Guide

7 days to go!  Please review the Athlete Guide so you can check everything off of your pre-race checklist. Please feel free to ask any further questions here or in advance on the day. Leszek, Rich, John and The Duke Team


Volunteers are needed on Sunday 16th September with a variety of roles available including supporting the athletes on the course, working in registration, swim start, transition, wayfinding, transport team and more.

My First Triathlon – Workshop

Are you preparing for your first triathlon?  Or maybe you are considering signing up!? 🔥My First Triathlon Workshop is for you! 🔥 ✔️how to train for your next triathlon ✔️what wetsuit/bike/shoes to choose ✔️what other equipment do I need? ✔️the importance of taper  ✔️what to eat before, during and after Read more…